Saturday, 30 July 2011

Fishy feet

Rhiannon and I went to have a fish pedicure this week. I thought it was quite relaxing but for Rhiannon who has a bit of a fish phobia it wasn't as much fun. From refusing to put her feet in the tank, to a little bit of hyperventilating and a mild panic attack she did finally go through with it and eventually even looked at what was going on - she certainly added to my enjoyment of the whole experience!

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Where has the time gone?

Where has this month gone? The days are just flying by and I don't seem to have achieved anything. 

The allotment has been a bit neglected this year, partly because of the weather and partly because although we don't seem to do anything we haven't had time, how does that happen? We did have an onion harvest this week and yesterday picked what was left (after the pigeons had had their fill) of the black currants, a bit late really but they were nice and ripe and did produce 10 jars of jam. Oh and of course the courgettes, we can't seem to pick them quick enough and how ever many we give away there is always a fridge full, even the chickens will be getting fed up with them soon.

At last we've started getting sorted out in preperation for getting my house on the market. Last week saw me getting all new outside doors fitted and for the first time ever since living here I have a draught free and hopefully warmer winter house as I now also have patio doors into the conservatory. They say when purchasing new front doors to look at what matches in your area and fit in. Did I do that? No I didn't. Every door in the area (or the whole of Berkshire by the looks of it) has white doors with brass fittings, so what did I go for? Red of course, with smart chrome fittings. It certainly stands out and hopefully will have that curb appeal, first impressions and all that.

What else has been happening? Schools obviously out. Jourdan left last month after his final exam and is now off to Uni in less than 2 months. Am I dreading it? Am I worried already? Yes and Yes. He came home yesterday with the start of his shopping, a few bits and pieces, oh and 4 pint glasses; obviously for squash and not beer......

We were supposed to take a trip to Shropshire last week but a business lunch catering job came up for yesterday and the trip was postponed until this week, but so far we have nowhere to stay and no houses booked for viewing. I thought camping would be fun, not to mention cheaper, but as yet we don't even have a tent! So highly unlikely that we will be off any time soon - I really must get more organised!

 Oh and definately the best thing this last week, or in a long time, has been Emily appearing on the television show Pointless, which has now been promoted (due to popularity) to BBC1. Friday saw her and Amy getting to the head to head and yesterday the final! I can honestly say I haven't laughed so much in a long time.

Reaction when remembering they take home the trophy - priceless. Absolutley no interest in the money, they got what they went for.

Well done Emily and Amy x

Monday, 18 July 2011

Jam jar makeover

My newly married friends came over recently for a Spanish dinner evening in the garden and to preview their wedding photos (I say a Spanish dinner but it was really just sangria, paella and lots of spanish red wine). I wanted to make an effort to make things a little bit pretty, so I recycled some old jam jars and made myself some tea light holders and a couple of vases. 

After adding in some flowers from the garden I was all set.