Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Another round of redundancies

Yet again its not me!!

Roy said he's never seen anyone so upset about keeping their job, oh well 14 weeks 3 days until I hand my notice in.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

One wet Saturday morning

Its Saturday morning and the weather is atrocious. The news is full of weather warnings for the rain and gail force winds and for once they have it spot on.

The poor chickens don't know what to do with themselves, but aren't bright enough to take cover. So they just stand there getting wetter and more bedraggled by the minute. We're currently waiting for a gust of wind to hook one up and take it away for a bigger flight than am I sure any one of them would have dreamed of.

So what to do today - I've already made a frittata with nine of the fresh eggs and have some bread rising ready to go in the oven shortly. So do I crochet my final blanket of this year, carry on knitting the handbag that I started last night, or start something completely different? Tempting as it is to try out some felting that I've had since last Christmas, or sewing a bag, or even knitting a tea cosy, I think I should carry on with one of the two projects I already have on the go. Mind you only five weeks left until Christmas and still quite a lot of stuff to make people. Will I get there, who knows!!

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Finished bedroom

Emily's room is now finished and I am really pleased with the results. The finished Babette blanket is on the bed and shows why I chose the colours for the walls, I already had the quilt cover, I bought it about a year ago. The blanket is off the bed again now though and put away until Christmas.

However, I do remember somewhere in my mentally challenged brain that she did say at one point that she definately would not want pink in her room and as it has transpired pink is definately the main colour. Oh well I can always say I forgot, everyone would believe me, especially after finding my shoes in the fridge!!

Still following my previous blog it doesn't look as if she plans on staying here much in the future anyway, at least not for long periods at a time, but no matter I may have ended up with the nice bright craft room that i've been dreaming of afterall.

Friday, 6 November 2009

Is she coming back from America?

My daughter Emily has gone to America for 2 months to stay with my niece, Amelia, in Tennessee. She due back on 2 December, but I think she is enjoying herself a little too much. She seems to have fallen in love with the life there, learning to knit, sew and professionally clean houses with Amelia's mother in law, earning more money than we sent her with along the way.

Her 22nd birthday is coming up and she'll still be away at that time, so perhaps she will miss me on that day? Who knows, but she just sent me an email with a link to become a nanny / au pair, available from December 2009!!

To be honest though if she has the opportunity why not grab it with both hands, she's finished her degree and doesn't know what to do next, but she does know that in the new year if she is at home she will have to get out there and get a job, so why not do something different for a while.

Meanwhile i'll just wait and see I suppose but its going to be a long couple of months.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

End of the holiday

Well thats my week over already.

Its Sunday morning, the weather is dreadful and i'm sitting in bed wondering whether or not to bother getting up at all. I've got my next crocheting next to me and obviously the computer, so I should be all set apart from running downstairs now and again for cups of tea and coffee.

Its currently only 10am and the poor chickens look like they've been left out in a typhoon, why they just stand there in the middle of the garden i've got no idea. Arthur, the labrador, has the same idea as me, he hasn't moved yet at all though and will have no intention of going outside in the rain. I didn't really realise until this week how much he actually sleeps now during the day, but then he is twelve tomorrow. Happy birthday Arthur.

So what have a I achieved this week? Emilys room is more or less finished, I just need to paint the floor (should be doing that right now actually). I've also managed to decorate the toilet and finish off the bathroom. Emilys Babette blanket is completely done and the bouquet is more or less there. All in all then not a bad week.

Back to work tomorrow and i'm dreading it. I popped in on Friday to take in some home grown, home made pumpkin soup for a Halloween charity event they were doing and just being there for ten minutes was ten minutes too long. Oh well if no redundancy a maximum of eighteen months to go I guess.