Saturday, 25 February 2012

New cushions

My previous cushion covers although practical and went with my room, at the time my mum made them for me, needed to be changed and so I set myself another project to do just that.

I bought new feather pads and then found ways to cover them with scrap fabrics etc.

This one is made from the length waste of a pair of Ikea curtains and a small piece of floral.

A patchwork cover made from an old French linen sheet I purchased in France in October for 2 euros, not good enough to keep as one piece but the monogram has worked out well. Mixed with some Irish linen and again good old Ikea curtain fabric.

 I'm really pleased with this one; its made from an old jumper that I got from car boot fair for £1 especially for the purpose of felting. The left hand side is the polo neck part. Just some buttons and lace added.

I also got a round pad which has been the most awkward to deal with. Covering it with fabric was above my sewing skills, so the obvious choice was to crochet the cover for it. Instead of wool, which wouldn't be as hardwearing, I chose a craft cotton (basically string) and crocheted both the back and the front the same in half trebles. I wanted to keep the stitches pretty close as I didn't want the pad to show through too much. 

Although quite nice, it was looking a bit boring. I didn't want anything too colourful or bright and so my final decision, after a lot of messing about, was to weave in different coloured wools. Pretty pleased with it actually.

Bertie doesn't like the new cushion as much as the old ones as she has learnt very quickly that she can't snuggle up on them. So as it stands there is still one old cushion in my living room just for her, spoilt or what!
no touching the new cushions!
After a couple of minutes sitting nicely she's off anyway to annoy Arthur.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Bookcase redo - Phase 1

I started the bookcase yesterday as it was beginning to stick out like a sore thumb in all it's orangey pine glory.

 This bookcase has traveled around the houses, from room to room with me over the years and has certainly has its work cut out as I seem to be a bit of a bookaholic and just can't stop myself from buying them. 

Cushion update in the pipeline

Taking all the books from the shelves was a job in itself, but they are all stacked up now hiding behind the sofa. These are just a few of my books, the rest are dotted around throughout the house, just so that I can pretend that I am tidier than I actually am, in a least one room. 

Out of interest I was looking up painted bookcases on the Net yesterday and marvelled that people could perfectly arrange just a few books and other objet d'art on their bookcases with no overflowing mess, just minimalist prettiness, whereas I actually need far more space than I already have and look forward to one day having a room dedicated to my books, not a library as such but definitely somewhere with a comfy chair, a real fire (preferably), nice lighting and books galore.

All stacked up

Empty bookcase
As this bookcase has knotty pine wood and theres a lot of it, especially by the time I would get to the shelves, I decided to undercoat the whole thing in a cheaper paint. Hopefully this will now make my chalk paint go much further.

Undercoating done.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Second furniture project - Done!

Following my previous post I have finally managed to finish the second piece of furniture but it took me slightly longer than I expected. 

I previously worked on this cupboard way back in July 2010 after buying it at auction and was very pleased with it too all stripped and waxed. However times move on and I need to lighten up my living space. So brushes in hand I set about updating it again and with some trepidation it has to be said.

It does look a bit beige in the pictures but the colour is actually called County Grey, an Annie Sloan chalk paint, which I've also added some dark wax to in certain areas. It would look lovely in an off-white room but I'll stick with it for the moment as it is.

It looked especially nice yesterday (Valentines day) when our anniversary came around and I received some flowers.

Oops best ignore the boobies on that card!

Bookcase next!

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Bedside cupboard

I went to a neighbours for a coffee recently and was inspired to start having a clear out. 

The first challenge I chose was to tackle the two chest of drawers and wardrobe in my bedroom. Two bags of rubbish and one large charity bag later and it was done. But I also now have a pile of Ebay items to deal with and under the bed to clear out. Having a really high antique bed is lovely, but you can store an awful lot of 'stuff' underneath it!

 One chest of drawers was moved to Emily's bedroom and an additional chest of drawers (really need to stop buying them at auction) was moved from the living room, where it had lived for months after being painted, upstairs to my bedroom. At last the living room is starting to look like a living room and not a furniture depot!

From Emily's room we took out a bedside cabinet that was given to me some time ago to do something with but like everything nothing had been done, it was just plonked in her room for somewhere to place a lamp and very ugly it was too.

Top stripped and first coat of blue/green paint.

Second coat in grey, leaving the shelf and cupboard blue/green.

Waxed, distressed and finished.

I've now moved onto another item and will hopefully have that finished within a few days.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Last nights snow.

It snowed quite heavily for a while last and at bedtime, about 11.30ish, Emily and I went into the garden to try to entice Bertie out for a play but she wouldn't haven't any of it, much preferring to stay in the warm and snuggle up on the sofa underneath a blanket. 

In PJs and dads shoes
Catching snowflakes
Although there is still snow around today it is slowly melting and turning into slush, all ready to freeze overnight to make the roads horrible for an airport run to Gatwick in the morning with my parents, who quite sensibly are off to Portugal for a month.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

I've won a prize!

I entered a photo competition recently, not something I would usually do it has to be said, but to my utter astonishment I have won a prize. The theme for the competition was 'Childhood' so I entered the picture of Mia (my nieces daughter) that I took in the summer.

Now it all sounds very exciting and I was excited until I found out that I have won a professional website for a whole year. Hmm feel a bit of a fraud now actually having just got lucky with this shot and what am I going to do with a professional website? Maybe I need to start going out with my camera a bit more often and maybe, just maybe I may get some pictures worth putting on there!.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Finished scarf....

I did actually finish my scarf the day after my previous post about it, but until now have not got around to photographing it.

It's very warm and cosy, which is a definite plus at the moment when it is so bitterly cold outside. The finished scarf measures 7 by 73 inches, plenty long enough to wrap around and snuggle into.

Love it.

On another note I actually plucked up the courage last night and joined Weight Watchers (again) once I realised that I might actually struggle to get into my work trousers! Hopefully by next week I may have dropped a couple of pounds and will have started to feel a bit better about myself, well here's hoping.