Sunday, 27 June 2010

This weekend I have....

Made jam from the glut of strawberries from the garden and allotment. Both wild white and the usual red varieties. 

We tidied up the garden for a barbecue for Roys birthday and it did actually look like a garden that you could sit in for the first time in a year. Incidentally, it was a year ago to the day on Roys birthday that we acquired Florence, Olive and Persephone to join Mary, Lucy and Susan.

If only they looked like this now, but no they are moulting badly and look like they've been half plucked ready for the oven!

Happy anniversary girls...

Anyway back to the garden. Okay there's still great big patches of dirt but its definitely better.

We made Moscow Mule cocktails and I even brought some candles, well you have you to make an effort sometimes don't you, but I really think I should have brought the candles that keeps the bugs away, not ones that attract them!


It was so warm that we managed to spend the whole evening outside too

And look what Emily brought me back from Worthing.... My favourite


Oh and I forgot to say that I also made strawberry ice cream, that didn't freeze in time, shortcake biscuits to go with it, that were not as crisp as they should have been and my first Pavlova that came out like marshmallow. I really don't seem to have much luck when it comes to puddings but its the thought that counts isn't it? and anyway it was all edible eventually, we had strawberry ice cream cornets the next day!

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Sunday, 20 June 2010

A very long day!

Yesterday was one of the longest days ever! Nice but tiring.

It was my cousins wedding and quite an early one. Up getting ready at 7.30, last minute shopping to be done as no chicken pellets left, ironing, dropping the two dogs off at my friends, to try and get to Epsom by 11.30. Obviously we were late but hey at least we did beat the bride. 

A very nice wedding and the bride looked extremely happy.

The reception was in an Italian restaurant and although small it was really pretty, quite crowded once everybody had arrived, but intimate and very friendly.

Seating was allocated to the oldies and pregnant and I'm pleased to say that I didn't qualify in either category, even though I feel sometimes that I should, the oldies not the pregnant...

Even the photographer struggled to get through the standing at points, but he kept going

No traditional wedding cake, but they didn't need one as they had these lovely cheesecakes, which was a great idea and looked very elegant.

After standing for a few hours it was time for us to move on to our next engagement. A games weekend at Rhiannon's in-laws. This is a yearly event and the first one we had attended and both my daughters were already there when we arrived. First things first though and my priority was getting changed from the wedding outfit into much more casual and warm attire, it was so cold yesterday and its the middle of June!! But on went the socks and boots and I felt much better and much more like me. 

The games weekend consists mostly of Bridge, no idea how thats played, but there is something for everyone, from board games, to Jenga and everything in between. There are tables set up around the garden and indoors and people go off and choose what they want to play, or just sit and watch. All the time eating, drinking and generally being looked after. Minna works so hard on catering for the weekend and its all great, how she so calmly does it I don't know but everything is very relaxed.

Bridge players are dedicated and tough out the weather, me I sat indoors, in the relative warmth.

Midnight arrived and it was time for Poker, now this is fun even though I'm not very good, but hey I'm came third and got my £2.00 stake back.

We left at 2am and would you believe that we got stuck in a traffic queue on the M25 (due to road works) on the way home, well actually its not that much of a surprise, there must be far too much budget for traffic cones here in the UK.

Home at last and at 3am finally in my bed, heaven! Oh but I am sooo tired today and back to work tomorrow :( 

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Allotment update

Its been a slow start to the year, what with the cold snap take took over the spring. But things are starting to happen at last, although looking at the whole picture it's still a bit sparse.

See the compost heap at the back, thats where a couple of the courgette's are and they seem very content.

The climbing beans, broad beans and peas are finally making headway.  

Mind you not many peas make it back to the kitchen, they get eaten as soon as they are picked, by me!

The onions are doing well

The sweetcorn is getting there

And after a second sowing the beetroot is taking hold

Did you know that we have parakeets here, I didn't and in the allotment the are a real pain. They come early in the morning and eat the fruits, So far we have managed to rescue some black currants and they are now ripening. I really am hoping for enough to make jam this year.

Oh and look what our allotment neighbour has, I couldn't go without a picture of some peonies!