Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Benefits of being ignored

This is Roy, in his usual place, sitting at the kitchen table, concentrating on the laptop. I love this picture though, even if he was getting slightly irritated that I was pointing the camera at him, but only slightly, like a little fly that keeps drifting across your vision sort of irritated.

Oh well at least its one benefit of being ignored most of the time, he can always pretend I'm not there....

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

My paintings

A little while ago I painted the above picture above of my son Jourdan. The photograph was taken on his mobile phone and we played with it on the computer until we got a much more abstract look to paint onto a canvas. We were both really pleased with it and it really does look like him.

I have the picture as my icon on my Flickr page and obviously in my photo stream. I showed my friend at work and she asked if I would do a painting of her daughter and had one photograph in mind. When she brought in the photograph for me (below) my heart dropped as there was no way I do do the same sort of abstract painting I had done previously. The picture is quite 'flat' and she didn't want black and white either, but sepia please!!. Oh well I do occasionally like a challenge, not very often, granted, so I set to it on Sunday night messing about with the scan.

The finished photos after editing were lovely, so on Monday night I started. On Tuesday night I had this, ta-daa, finished ready for work tomorrow. Although i'm not sure if Sam will like it quiet as much as I do. Oh well if she doesn't i'll keep it.

With regards to the others edited photographs I have one in mind to do a drawing with as well. If it works i'll add it to the blog. Although actually maybe I ought to finish the 3 blankets, 3 handbags, 1 scarf & 1 shopping bag for the Christmas presents first. Oh and of course all the wedding makes we haven't yet started...