Tuesday, 15 March 2011

A retro dinner

It was Rhiannon's birthday on Friday, 26! How did I get to be so old? To celebrate we were having dinner and to make it that little bit different we were going back to the 70s. 

We had the 70's dinner service in the form of my still held onto Poole pottery, 70's music and of course 70's clothes. All okay for the oldies but a little bit more difficult for the younger members of the family as none of them were actually around at the time but a good effort was made all the same. Lots of blue eyeshadow for the girls, dungarees for me and a lovely jumper for dad.

Rhiannon is the one in the middle, yes I know she only looks like she should be in school but she really is 26, well I guess strictly speaking she is still in school, but as a teacher and not a student!

Same picture but with a bit more of a 70s feel.

For hor d'oeuvres there were twiglets and things on sticks.

To start prawn cocktail and for the non prawn eater egg mayonnaise.

Main course was Chicken Maryland, with all the trimmings. So fried chicken (with neon coloured bread crumbs), fried bananas, corn fritters, salad and jacket potatoes.

And for desert homemade sherry trifle.

After dinner the poker set came out and at about 1.45am I finally got to bed.

Good fun and definitely a nice change having a bit of a theme. 

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  1. Cheese and pineapple hedgehog - yum! Love the blog. x