Saturday, 8 October 2011

A message from France

A spur of the moment decision to take the ferry from Portsmouth to Cherbourg was made this week. There's been a lot going on recently; my baby has gone to uni in mid Wales and I miss him terribly and worry constantly, I've had a wedding cake to make (previous post) and I actually went back and did a weeks office work too. So I felt a desperate need to see my friend who now resides in Normandy.

A good idea at the time until the ferry set off and we had a three hour white knuckle ride across the English channel. Now I need to decide if I am actually going to return home again on Tuesday? So far it looks as if Roy might be going home on his own and I'm waiting until the Spring when sea calms back down again!

We hadn't told Janette and Pete that we were coming, hoping it would be a nice surprise and judging by their reactions it certainly was, there were tears from both me and Janette.

The weather so far has been quite cloudy and cold but we did manage to have a nice evening walk down by the beach when the clouds broke on our first evening.


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