Sunday, 1 August 2010

An afternoon at the seaside

Emily has come home, for what seems a short stop before she is off again, after 4 months of volunteering in Worthing.

So yesterday we took Bertie to collect Emily for her first seaside experience. I've never been to worthing before, only ever getting as far as Brighton. It's an old fashioned town, but nice shops and what seems to be very nice people, oh and the most sweet wool shop I've ever seen, Emily and I spent quite a lot of time in it (twice) to the point where they offered Roy a coffee as he was sitting outside with Bertie (The wool bar, how I would love to own a tiny shop just like it).

Anyway the actual beach is pebbles but with great banks if seaweed and the weather when we arrived, after heavy rain on the motorway, was very overcast and dull. No matter less people around!

It has a pier

and a pavilion

Little rocks to climb

and as I mentioned before the banks of seaweed. Oh the smell underneath all that seaweed was unbelievable! Unfortunately it did mean that Emily now also smelt terrible!

The sun made an appearance a bit later on and so it had be to chips on the beach

And Bertie didn't seem to mind the smell, too tired to care I think!

The deck chairs came out, people appeared, the tide came in

and it was time to go home.


  1. I haven't been to the beach in AGES! It looks nice where you went. Fresh Seafood and chips = yummy!!

    Gemma x

  2. Hope all is well and that you are busy bringing in the "harvest". :)