Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Another auction buy

Further to my previous post on the chair, here is my second auction purchase. It actually didn't get sold during the auction, but I put an offer in at the end which was accepted. 

An early 20th century cupboard with drawers. Solid oak but covered in the usual dark shellac.

This is the top part, with its shelves.

The underside of one shelf.

Can you see the feet marks of a small person? I've decided not to paint over these when the inside eventually gets a treatment.

The bottom drawers, hmm what a lovely colour! No wonder nobody wanted it but me.

A couple of hours later, together with a lot of elbow grease and its looking better already. 

A few coats of wax with a good buffing and the drawers are finished.

The top was a longer job, but here it is today, fully stripped and waxed, all golden and mellow.

Its been moved now into its final resting place and I love it. No idea what to put on the shelves yet but my wool is definitely going in the drawers, rather than big bags hidden behind chairs!


  1. I know it isn't right to covet, but I do!!!
    You've done such a great job....and those little foot prints, couldn't be sweeter...