Thursday, 2 September 2010

A bit blue...

I've been browsing patterns on the internet lately looking for things to make from my wool stash and found this scarf on Raverly, which I thought was a little bit different. Even better no brain power is needed, you just have to be able to count to 15 for the chains, definitely one for me then!

I just wish I had made it that little bit longer. Oh well if I ever do another one I'll check the length when doing the original chain.

Then I found this pattern for a necklet and decided to use my beautiful Queensland rustic tweed wool. Ooh its so soft and lovely to work with and such a beautiful colour. I brought 3 balls and have been saving it for something special, so I have made 2 of these necklets, slightly different from the pattern, one for my mum and one for my auntie.  They only use a small amount of wool and are very quick to make.

Very pretty under a coat and much less bulky than a scarf, warm too.

I've actually managed to finish a few more things but for some reason I can't yet get the photographs to good enough to show them. More practice needed in the camera department I think!

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