Sunday, 14 November 2010

An array of brooches

I've been finally getting around to finishing just some of the projects that I've started recently. First off is some brooches to hopefully sell for Christmas, all backed and ready to go.



Rhiannon has very kindly taken on the role of my project manager, sorting out an inventory, checking up on me that I have been working, sitting down on a Saturday afternoon and helping with oh lots of things and generally making me realise how much stuff I have actually made that is currently hanging around in cupboards just sitting there waiting for me to pluck up the courage to try and make a few pennies. Even better she is going to be taking everything to school for the other teachers to have a look at and hopefully buy!


  1. Love them! They are all so pretty. x

  2. They will all look so pretty when the dead of winter is upon us!! Bright colourful reminders of happy flowers and sunshine!!! I am sure you will be rid of them and will have to start all over again.....and well done daughter for the encouragement....