Wednesday, 3 November 2010

A dog's day

Yesterday was a big day for the dogs in our house. Most importantly it was Arthur's 13th birthday.
We went shopping for a special birthday bone, which made his day and sang him 'Happy Birthday', all secretly thinking that it was probably for the last time.

13 is a very good age for a Lab, but he doesn't look like he will be going anywhere anytime soon, thank goodness. I'm really not sure what life would be like without him and try not to think about it too much, but each day you see more signs of old age kicking in.

It was also a big day for Bertie as I finally managed to persuade Emily to take her for her first haircut.

Poor thing, she was not happy, especially she seemed not to appreciate being laughed at, but how could we not when she has ended up looking like a shorn sheep. Oh but lovely, soft, very clean and tidy for the first time ever. The only downside was that for some in explicable reason she seems to have had her eyebrows cut off but I guess they will grow back!

Don't look at me
No I won't let you
Ok, you can have a little look, but stop laughing
How could you do this to me!
Just look at my ears!
Ok, I'm feeling a bit better about it now
Actually I look alright don't I?
Maybe its not so bad, but please don't do it again


  1. Happy Birthday Arthur....and many more old boy!! and look very, very pretty....we can see your sweet face now and it will all grow back......some day!
    Like the new shows off your pretty photos.......
    have a great day with the dogs......they are such a great pair!!

  2. thank you for the visit.....I am enjoying the Tunisian very much....prefer it to knitting and even plain old crochet....
    have a great week end and I hope you had a good Bonfire Night.....:)