Monday, 26 October 2009

A week off work, yippee!

A week off work - excellent. Time to relax and enjoy myself, sort of. I started decorating Emily's bedroom today as a surprise for when she returns from America in a months time. Isn't it fantastic how you run out of paint right near the finishing line. So back to the shops to get some more, but at least I made it before closing time. But then it was dark (the clocks went back yesterday, so its starting to get dark at 5) and I had to get two coats so that I can start adding brighter colours tomorrow to kind of match the Babette blanket i'm making for her for Christmas. Oh and Jourdan informed me that he needs picking up tonight but strangely enough he doesn't know what time, so no glass for wine and a sit down for me again! Mind you anything is better than being at work and truth be told I actually really enjoy decorating.

Rhiannon is also on half term this week as she teaches, so she turned up from her house at 2 o'clock, the first thing she tells me is that she's 'starving', there's me covered in paint and half way through a wall and she wants me to do her a late lunch... At least she's supposed to be helping tomorrow, but as she's just learning to knit (a scarf for Christmas for hubby to be) I think i'll probably still me on my own. Oh well put some music on, sing along, loudly and badly and give the neighbours a laugh.

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