Sunday, 20 June 2010

A very long day!

Yesterday was one of the longest days ever! Nice but tiring.

It was my cousins wedding and quite an early one. Up getting ready at 7.30, last minute shopping to be done as no chicken pellets left, ironing, dropping the two dogs off at my friends, to try and get to Epsom by 11.30. Obviously we were late but hey at least we did beat the bride. 

A very nice wedding and the bride looked extremely happy.

The reception was in an Italian restaurant and although small it was really pretty, quite crowded once everybody had arrived, but intimate and very friendly.

Seating was allocated to the oldies and pregnant and I'm pleased to say that I didn't qualify in either category, even though I feel sometimes that I should, the oldies not the pregnant...

Even the photographer struggled to get through the standing at points, but he kept going

No traditional wedding cake, but they didn't need one as they had these lovely cheesecakes, which was a great idea and looked very elegant.

After standing for a few hours it was time for us to move on to our next engagement. A games weekend at Rhiannon's in-laws. This is a yearly event and the first one we had attended and both my daughters were already there when we arrived. First things first though and my priority was getting changed from the wedding outfit into much more casual and warm attire, it was so cold yesterday and its the middle of June!! But on went the socks and boots and I felt much better and much more like me. 

The games weekend consists mostly of Bridge, no idea how thats played, but there is something for everyone, from board games, to Jenga and everything in between. There are tables set up around the garden and indoors and people go off and choose what they want to play, or just sit and watch. All the time eating, drinking and generally being looked after. Minna works so hard on catering for the weekend and its all great, how she so calmly does it I don't know but everything is very relaxed.

Bridge players are dedicated and tough out the weather, me I sat indoors, in the relative warmth.

Midnight arrived and it was time for Poker, now this is fun even though I'm not very good, but hey I'm came third and got my £2.00 stake back.

We left at 2am and would you believe that we got stuck in a traffic queue on the M25 (due to road works) on the way home, well actually its not that much of a surprise, there must be far too much budget for traffic cones here in the UK.

Home at last and at 3am finally in my bed, heaven! Oh but I am sooo tired today and back to work tomorrow :( 

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