Thursday, 17 June 2010

Allotment update

Its been a slow start to the year, what with the cold snap take took over the spring. But things are starting to happen at last, although looking at the whole picture it's still a bit sparse.

See the compost heap at the back, thats where a couple of the courgette's are and they seem very content.

The climbing beans, broad beans and peas are finally making headway.  

Mind you not many peas make it back to the kitchen, they get eaten as soon as they are picked, by me!

The onions are doing well

The sweetcorn is getting there

And after a second sowing the beetroot is taking hold

Did you know that we have parakeets here, I didn't and in the allotment the are a real pain. They come early in the morning and eat the fruits, So far we have managed to rescue some black currants and they are now ripening. I really am hoping for enough to make jam this year.

Oh and look what our allotment neighbour has, I couldn't go without a picture of some peonies!


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