Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Back in the habit.

You realise you are getting older when your youngest takes you out for a special night and this weekend I was treated to an evening in London. Okay I wasn't first choice, that would be Emily but she was unable to attend as she was flying back from five weeks travelling Europe.

At the station and boy was it cold. 

What a wonderful feeling to be leaving this town behind for a few hours.

Arriving at London Waterloo, with the crowds all pushing and shoving and at that point I realise why I don't travel to London very often. 

Down to the tube, my own personal nightmare!

And arriving at Oxford street, luckily enough only four tube stops later.

Five minutes to spare so a very quick look at Liberty, a first ever for me and very beautiful it is too, outside and in.

Then back to the Palladium, to see.......

Starring tonight, for the last night (there's a drum roll here)......

Whoopi Goldberg

This was Jourdan's second attempt to see the show with Whoopi starring. Having previously secured tickets and catching the train with Emily up to London, both extremely excited, they were on the tube and saw this. Unfortunately she had had to fly back to America on the very same day they were going!

They still had a brilliant time though.
 But, quite by chance on another tube ride a couple of weeks later Jourdan found this, she was coming back to do the five performances she had missed previously and priority booking was made available to the previous ticket holders.

So here we are, back to see Whoopi.

Inside the theatre and 10 minutes later and there was not one spare seat. Our seats were excellent, first row in the royal circle.

Half time

And home again, to an unexpectedly quiet tube.

We got home about 12.30am, after such a lovely time together and such an excellent musical. The only downside was my camera batteries ran out.

Thank you Jourdan, for a lovely night.

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  1. your daughter also returned this night