Friday, 28 January 2011

Oh dear!

Poor old Bertie had to go to the hairdressers today. 

Unfortunately for her we left it a bit too long since the last clipping and after dropping her off I got a phone call from the pooch boutique telling me that she had too many knots and would have to be shaved as short as a Jack Russell!  Oh dear now I was really dreading picking her up and felt very guilty.
But actually although she doesn't have her feathers she does look pretty smart, well smarter than she did anyway and a lot easier to manage going forward.

A few weeks ago!

And this afternoon


But at least this time she has her eyebrows!

1 comment:

  1. Oh Bertie looks beautiful! Especially her eyebrows. I'm sure she feels better too! I used to have the cat mobile groomer come and give her a bath, in the driveway!!! She is too old now for all that stress, so she doesn't look her best these days, but a brush every now and then helps a bit. Really like the second shot of her....such a noble looking creature she is!!