Tuesday, 22 February 2011

A weekend in Exmoor

Okay it's February, not the best time to go away for the weekend, but an opportunity for us to get out and about in the Exmoor area to check out possible places we might like to relocate to by next September, if I have anything to do with it anyway.

We stayed on the Somerset side of Exmoor and the view we encountered upon arrival was what looked like dense fog but was actually low cloud. 

Not to deter us off we went after check in to explore a bit more of the local area.

Late Friday afternoon in Watchet.

Bertie exploring

Cod head

The harbour wall, eaten away by Limpets
Saturday morning saw a brief break in the clouds up by the hotel.

Then off for the day to the villages, moors and beaches.

Exmoor pony

County gate

Porlock weir

Sunday and time to go home, but a quick stop off in Dunster and I've found an area that I could quite happily live near to.

Dunster castle

There was a sign for the Yarn Market, I have to admit I was a bit disappointed when I saw this was an old building....

The yarn market
Gallox bridge



  1. Oh, can I move with you? It's almost hard to believe that it actually exists...it's a place of haunting tales told in old books..backdrops for old movies...murder mysteries...pirate stories ....
    thank you for showing these magnificent photos...one better than the other....I can understand how you'd want to move there...... breathtaking

  2. Thank you for sharing, I was born and raised not far from Dunster so you've given me more lovely reminders of home.

  3. Do you know of any good accommodation near the Exmoor Coast. I am planning a quick break away this weekend so my wife and i can relax.

  4. Hi Peter. I'm afraid I don't know of any specific places to stay around Exmoor but Dunster was the place I liked the best and a stay around there would be lovely, not too far from the beaches or Minehead. We just stayed in a cheaper hotel and drove around but I should imagine there are some lovely b&b's around the area. Sorry I can't be of more help!