Saturday, 21 May 2011

Borlotti bean and chorizo stew (with sausages)

I thought I'd share one of my favourite recipes for a Friday night. Originally made out of necessity one day from things found in the fridge, freezer and cupboard, but it was so nice I wrote it down for future use. It's one of those recipes that you can substitute anything you have and it still tastes fantastic as long as you keep to the top 4 main ingredients listed below.

So the ingredients are as follows:

1 tbl oil - I use Canola or olive oil
Red onions, cut into wedges - as many as you fancy
Garlic - 3 or more cloves - up to you, smashed not crushed
A lump of Chorizo - cut into cubes 
2 x tins or frozen Borlotti beans
1 x tin of chopped tomatoes
1 red chilli - chopped
8 sausages - of any description 

Heat the oil in a large frying pan and add the onions, chorizo and garlic and cook until slightly tinged around the edges. Remove from the frying pan and add to a casserole dish.

 In the same pan add the sausages and brown. Add these to the casserole.

Also add the chilli, tomatoes, one drained tin of beans and one tin with the juice.

I usually have my beans cooked from dried and stored in the freezer ready for use, but this week I didn't have any and used one tin of Borlotti and one tin of Haricot. I also didn't have a fresh chilli but I do always have some chilli paste and dried flakes, so I added a bit of both (as much or as little as you like it).

Top up with water to just cover and put in a medium oven for about one and a half hours or until thickened up.

Serve in a bowl with crusty bread. 

It would also make a really delicious soup if the sausages were left out and more liquid added. 

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  1. Mmmmmmmmmm. Will definitely make this this week. xx