Friday, 27 May 2011

On trial - A white chocolate and pear Charlotte

There is a wedding in October and the bride to be wants her cake to be something a little bit different, something more relaxed for a barn wedding. She choose a picture on the net of a Charlotte cake and after much consideration I handed over a trial cake this morning. 

The colours for the wedding are aubergine and ivory and so I decided to do a white chocolate and pear cake. Not a true Charlotte which should be made with mousse but its a start and I will have another go in a few weeks.

So on went the mixer and I started with a white chocolate chip sponge.

To carry on the white chocolate theme I made a white chocolate ganache that I whipped up the next day.

And then came the layering. I used a cake ring lined with the sponge fingers, lightly dusted with icing sugar and then dipped in a light pear syrup (underside only), next came the first layer of sponge (brushed with pear syrup), ganache, a layer of pears and then another layer of sponge, ganache and finally the pears on top. 

I put the whole thing in the fridge over night and finally removed the ring and added the ribbon this morning. 

Left to get back to room temperature the ganache should soften and will hopefully taste great.

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