Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Walking this week.

Bertie and I have been on a couple of really nice walks this week, starting off on Sunday at Lily Hill Park in Bracknell. Everywhere you look there are Rhododendrons and azaleas flowering, just beautiful!

Purples, reds, pinks and white.

Some with markings just like orchids.

And even eyelashes

Other flowers too but they just pale into insignificance really.

This morning we returned to our usual haunt, but what a surprise I got just as we entered the field. A young stag ran straight across our path (Not that Bertie noticed). Unfortunately I didn't have my camera ready so only managed to get a couple of pretty awful pictures, but I was so thrilled to see it. Once he was at a safe distance he just watched us very carefully, too far away for a photo opportunity, but fantastic all the same.

And then back to the flowers.

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