Monday, 12 September 2011

A new toy

I got a new lens through the post on Saturday, new to me anyway. It's a second hand 50mm prime lens and although i've been playing with it and have some photos I think it will take some getting used to and a lot of practicing!

I'm especially pleased with the last two still life pictures taken indoors.

I love it and can't wait to have a go at some portraits, if anyone lets me near them that is.


  1. wish I knew more about lenses and all seems too big to comprehend sometimes so I just point and shoot!! all of those photos are lovely...the duck is hilarious...
    do try the tiny hook isn't nearly as hard as I consists of repeating the stitches over and over row at a time...I'm really quite enjoying it...

  2. I have a 50mm f1.4 and loving every bit of it !! winter are dark & rainy where I live and it has changed my photography in a good way. One quickly learns to move around instead of "zooming" with the lens, and to tame the light at various times of the day.
    The photographies I see on this post are gorgeous ! Have fun :)