Saturday, 10 September 2011

Yet another blanket!

I'm thinking that it better be a bit chilly this winter as I now have so many blankets that we won't be able to move for them soon.

This one measures about 62 by 50 inches, plenty big enough to snuggle up under. I didn't need to buy any wool as it had been hanging around for some time (at least a couple of years), so not only have a de-cluttered a bit, I also feel a little proud of myself that I didn't buy any new, although truth be told I had looking online all the week before!

It matches perfectly with a chest of drawers I revamped a little while ago.

As well as with a cushion cover that I made probably about the same time as I brought the wool which has never seen the light of day.

This week also saw the delivery of some new fabric, but now I've chopped it up i'm not sure I'm that keen on it. Maybe it will be okay once I get going, I do hope so!


  1. Love the blanket! Very pretty color.

  2. so very pretty !!
    this is a beautiful colour and i love the pattern. the way & place where you have photographied is beautiful too i would see this in country living UK....