Thursday, 1 September 2011

Unwanted visitors

There was a raucous going on in the garden yesterday, the chickens were very upset about something. Upon investigating the culprit was this.

A sweet little rabbit that stayed for the day making itself at home in the chicken run, eating the chicken pellets and now and again leaving the area to spend time in the grass and plants, eating what it fancied.

We tried to catch it throughout the day with no luck, surely someone is missing it? Anyway this morning it appears to have moved on.

Whilst in the chicken run I noticed my next visitor, a definite no no but what can you do? Try and get some pictures of course. It appears we have a mouse problem in the shed at the bottom of the garden, time for a good clear out I think! 

Did you know that chickens make brilliant mouse catchers? Not very nice to witness but at least they don't play with there food like cats.


  1. the bunny was adorable...the other visitor...not so much!! what is in its mouth?
    we have them here and the bigger cousins too and I don't like them one bit. give me a bunny any day!!! great shots of them all BTW.

  2. It's a baby, it kept coming back and collecting more from different holes, no idea where its taken them though, hopefully to someone else's garden : )

  3. well i found both very cute... but you don't want these making damages in the house i understand.
    what you say is very true, we have 5 cats and they play with them, or when they decide to go for an edible purpose, they leave the bleeding liver or whatever behind them :( not something i enjoy seeing or picking from my hallway !!
    however i'm almost scared of chickens (yes i know = stupid ! go figure !) but they attract foxes & rats ... unwanted too :( and one of my cats is a good mole catcher ! love him ;D
    good luck !!