Thursday, 9 February 2012

Bedside cupboard

I went to a neighbours for a coffee recently and was inspired to start having a clear out. 

The first challenge I chose was to tackle the two chest of drawers and wardrobe in my bedroom. Two bags of rubbish and one large charity bag later and it was done. But I also now have a pile of Ebay items to deal with and under the bed to clear out. Having a really high antique bed is lovely, but you can store an awful lot of 'stuff' underneath it!

 One chest of drawers was moved to Emily's bedroom and an additional chest of drawers (really need to stop buying them at auction) was moved from the living room, where it had lived for months after being painted, upstairs to my bedroom. At last the living room is starting to look like a living room and not a furniture depot!

From Emily's room we took out a bedside cabinet that was given to me some time ago to do something with but like everything nothing had been done, it was just plonked in her room for somewhere to place a lamp and very ugly it was too.

Top stripped and first coat of blue/green paint.

Second coat in grey, leaving the shelf and cupboard blue/green.

Waxed, distressed and finished.

I've now moved onto another item and will hopefully have that finished within a few days.

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