Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Second furniture project - Done!

Following my previous post I have finally managed to finish the second piece of furniture but it took me slightly longer than I expected. 

I previously worked on this cupboard way back in July 2010 after buying it at auction and was very pleased with it too all stripped and waxed. However times move on and I need to lighten up my living space. So brushes in hand I set about updating it again and with some trepidation it has to be said.

It does look a bit beige in the pictures but the colour is actually called County Grey, an Annie Sloan chalk paint, which I've also added some dark wax to in certain areas. It would look lovely in an off-white room but I'll stick with it for the moment as it is.

It looked especially nice yesterday (Valentines day) when our anniversary came around and I received some flowers.

Oops best ignore the boobies on that card!

Bookcase next!


  1. Dad got you flowers?! I assume the boobie card is from you? Gross.

  2. Oh yeah, the cabinet looks nice.

  3. Don't sound so shocked, yes he did and yes the card was from me : )