Friday, 17 February 2012

Bookcase redo - Phase 1

I started the bookcase yesterday as it was beginning to stick out like a sore thumb in all it's orangey pine glory.

 This bookcase has traveled around the houses, from room to room with me over the years and has certainly has its work cut out as I seem to be a bit of a bookaholic and just can't stop myself from buying them. 

Cushion update in the pipeline

Taking all the books from the shelves was a job in itself, but they are all stacked up now hiding behind the sofa. These are just a few of my books, the rest are dotted around throughout the house, just so that I can pretend that I am tidier than I actually am, in a least one room. 

Out of interest I was looking up painted bookcases on the Net yesterday and marvelled that people could perfectly arrange just a few books and other objet d'art on their bookcases with no overflowing mess, just minimalist prettiness, whereas I actually need far more space than I already have and look forward to one day having a room dedicated to my books, not a library as such but definitely somewhere with a comfy chair, a real fire (preferably), nice lighting and books galore.

All stacked up

Empty bookcase
As this bookcase has knotty pine wood and theres a lot of it, especially by the time I would get to the shelves, I decided to undercoat the whole thing in a cheaper paint. Hopefully this will now make my chalk paint go much further.

Undercoating done.

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  1. Wow you are doing so well! I love all of your furniture, you have made it so beautiful. I too crave a book room. Come round for another coffee!