Saturday, 14 November 2009

One wet Saturday morning

Its Saturday morning and the weather is atrocious. The news is full of weather warnings for the rain and gail force winds and for once they have it spot on.

The poor chickens don't know what to do with themselves, but aren't bright enough to take cover. So they just stand there getting wetter and more bedraggled by the minute. We're currently waiting for a gust of wind to hook one up and take it away for a bigger flight than am I sure any one of them would have dreamed of.

So what to do today - I've already made a frittata with nine of the fresh eggs and have some bread rising ready to go in the oven shortly. So do I crochet my final blanket of this year, carry on knitting the handbag that I started last night, or start something completely different? Tempting as it is to try out some felting that I've had since last Christmas, or sewing a bag, or even knitting a tea cosy, I think I should carry on with one of the two projects I already have on the go. Mind you only five weeks left until Christmas and still quite a lot of stuff to make people. Will I get there, who knows!!

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