Sunday, 8 November 2009

Finished bedroom

Emily's room is now finished and I am really pleased with the results. The finished Babette blanket is on the bed and shows why I chose the colours for the walls, I already had the quilt cover, I bought it about a year ago. The blanket is off the bed again now though and put away until Christmas.

However, I do remember somewhere in my mentally challenged brain that she did say at one point that she definately would not want pink in her room and as it has transpired pink is definately the main colour. Oh well I can always say I forgot, everyone would believe me, especially after finding my shoes in the fridge!!

Still following my previous blog it doesn't look as if she plans on staying here much in the future anyway, at least not for long periods at a time, but no matter I may have ended up with the nice bright craft room that i've been dreaming of afterall.

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