Sunday, 1 November 2009

End of the holiday

Well thats my week over already.

Its Sunday morning, the weather is dreadful and i'm sitting in bed wondering whether or not to bother getting up at all. I've got my next crocheting next to me and obviously the computer, so I should be all set apart from running downstairs now and again for cups of tea and coffee.

Its currently only 10am and the poor chickens look like they've been left out in a typhoon, why they just stand there in the middle of the garden i've got no idea. Arthur, the labrador, has the same idea as me, he hasn't moved yet at all though and will have no intention of going outside in the rain. I didn't really realise until this week how much he actually sleeps now during the day, but then he is twelve tomorrow. Happy birthday Arthur.

So what have a I achieved this week? Emilys room is more or less finished, I just need to paint the floor (should be doing that right now actually). I've also managed to decorate the toilet and finish off the bathroom. Emilys Babette blanket is completely done and the bouquet is more or less there. All in all then not a bad week.

Back to work tomorrow and i'm dreading it. I popped in on Friday to take in some home grown, home made pumpkin soup for a Halloween charity event they were doing and just being there for ten minutes was ten minutes too long. Oh well if no redundancy a maximum of eighteen months to go I guess.

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