Sunday, 3 October 2010

A new throw.

I need an evening project, one that you can just sit down with when everyone is fed, the chickens are locked up, I've done my running around, oh no hang on that's not until 10 some nights! Okay then, for that time when you get to sit and get your hook out, or when it's raining hard, which seems to be most if the time lately.

With this in mind I started a new lacy, quite lightweight throw.

It's not big, just eighty squares. But I got it into my head that I needed to complete 10 squares a day. These squares were very quick and easy, no changing colours on each round as the variegated yarn does that for you and only five rounds per square.

The pattern is from here.

So obviously this just took a little over a week!

Then put it all together

And do the border

So there you have it, one completed throw, made and finished in 10 days.

But what do I do now??


  1. I don't know, I'm suffering from post-blanket-loose-endedness too.

    That is a beautiful autumnal blanket. It reminds me of a Sophie Digard piece. I think I need to explore the world of variegated yarn.

  2. another one ?!

    this is absolutely fabulous & the colors are stunning !

    i wish i was so ... brave (size) ! but still, i so enjoy these type of projects (crochet, knitting) where i can sit on the couch in the evening & watch a good movie at the same time, especially in autumn & winter, by the fire...

  3. boy ! I re-read it : 10 squares a day !! you must crochet faster than your shadow !!!

  4. Oh wow it is stunning!!! What yarn is it??

  5. Hi Hazel, lovely to hear from you.
    The yarn is from here (UK branch) ....

    beautiful yarn and really good prices too.