Friday, 1 October 2010

Run for it girls!

The chickens keep appearing in the garden, out of their fenced off area. I've plugged up the holes in the fence, but they just keep on coming. "How is that happening?" I hear you ask.  Here's how!!

Bertie, the food thief, is at the bottom of the pecking order in the chicken world and will usually get told to leave by Florence (the white one) who herself was at the bottom, it's done wonders for her self esteem. But this time they have definitely used Bertie to their advantage!


  1. hhhmmm....I think the white one explained to Bertie HOW to make the B got the blame!!! so sweet!

  2. Maybe you could pin down the plastic fencing with some of those metal hooks for tent ropes?

  3. Yep, have those. Tent pegs, bamboo sticks and even a garden fork all holding it down. The problem is Bertie is as determined to get in, as much as the chickens are determined to get out!

  4. priceless !
    i guess one says : any extra food is good to take & others enjoy their unexpected freedom !