Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Oranges and Lemons

Is it coming up to that time already? Should I really be thinking about Christmas yet?

Yep guess so, a little cooking anyway.

 Some homemade mincemeat. Looks lovely, smells lovely and I'm sure if you like mince pies (unlike me) it will taste lovely too come December.

And today, three Christmas cakes, cooked and ready for feeding with that extra brandy over the next couple of months.

But mincemeat aside I'm really not ready to see all the Christmas stuff in the shops yet, but it's there from tinsel to stockings and cards to cakes. How long before everywhere you go there will be piped carols through the sound systems? I'll give it four or maybe five more weeks. However there are a couple of houses around here that Christmas can't come soon enough and you can guarantee they will have all their very 'tasteful' (and I say that in a very sarcastic way) decorations up by the end of this month.


  1. your photos bring back memories....mincemeat and fruit cakes in the pantry....and if you were lucky you actually got to eat them!!! My mother used to forget about them so we didn't always have "homemade"!!!! Fabulous!!!!

  2. Yummy mincemeat!!! It will get very christmassy soon!!

    Gemma x