Thursday, 16 December 2010

A bit of a bargain!

I had a bit of luck at the auction yesterday. 

At the moment I've got a bit of a thing going on for Poole pottery, having last month acquired my first piece. But also in the auction last month was a Poole dinner set for oh way over my budget, three lots of it in total. Not fantastic colours its true, 'mushroom & sepia' maybe a bit dull, especially when the things that I really like are the oranges, browns and reds which can be very expensive, but the lots were interesting all the same.

Anyway they were back in the auction this month as one lot and again they didn't sell. So after the event I put in a bid, won it and picked it all up today.

So here it is, slightly retro, maybe a bit vintage, maybe a bit boring, but its mine to keep or sell, to do whatever I want with and I haven't quite decided which it is to be yet. So maybe I ought decide after a dinner party in January, see how it works out, a whole dinner set instead of mismatching plates etc and that will be a new experience.

2 handled soup bowl

A fruit bowl, whatever that is..

vegetable tureen x 2

Tea set

Coffee set
Now to put things in perspective see the little cruet set below, we looked it up on the internet today and to replace it at replacement china shops online (with the top of the mustard pot missing!), it would be £60!! and I paid less than that for the whole lot, for over 100 pieces of it, with 6 of everything - wow.

So all in all a definite bargain wouldn't you say?


  1. Definitely a steal at that price and I think it is lovely - retro but plain and simple - timeless

    Love your art work as well - retro feel to that as well - lol

    Will add you to my blogwatch (SingularOne)

  2. Quote" "A fruit bowl, whatever that is."

    A fruit bowl is something you put fruit in...

    Rhiannon xx

  3. Okay I can see that looks as if I am really thick, but its not a fruit bowl as in a fruit bowl, it's an individual fruit dish per person.