Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Twists and turns

I made a couple more scarves last week involving spirals and corkscrews. Both made from one ball each of Araucania, Ranco multi, 344m per ball. A really beautiful wool to work with and I get mine from here.  Both scarves are very easy and pretty quick too.  I used a 5mm hook for both, but maybe a 5.5mm would have been better for the spiral one.

My corkscrew scarf. 

To make a corkscrew - Chain 24, 3 trebles into 4th chain from hook, then 4 trebles into each following chain.

Row 1, Make a corkscrew, chain 224, make corkscrew out of the last 24 stitches
Row 2, double crochet into each of the 200 chain, chain 24 and make corkscrew.
Row 3, treble into each double, chain 24 and make corkscrew.
Row 4, as row 3.
Row 5, as row 3.
Row 6, as row 3.
Row 7, as row 3.
Row 8, as row 3.
Row 9, as row 3.
Row 10, as row 3.
Row 11, as row 3.
Row 12, double crochet into each treble and slip stitch into last, weave in ends and you're done. You should end up with 6 corkscrews at each end.

My spiral scarf. 

Chain 231, or length required as per hook size.
Row 1, double into each chain, chain 3, turn
Row 2, 2 trebles into each double, chain 3, turn.
Row 3, 2 trebles into each treble, chain 3, turn.
Row 4, 2 trebles into first treble, 1 treble into next treble, 2 trebles into next treble, 1 treble into next treble, continue all the way to the end, chain 1, turn.
Row 5, double crochet into each treble.

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