Friday, 17 December 2010

Homemade decorations

This year I really wanted to make some homemade christmas decorations, so after doing some searching I decided on two to have a go at.

So first off we have a glittery, shimmering christmas tree, made from newspaper and diamond dust and I absolutely love it. Not a quick job but pretty enjoyable to do.

I didn't have any Fimo so used air drying clay for the base, but as expected I couldn't wait to get stuck in and didn't leave it to dry quiet long enough before sticking the spike in and so will have to just accept the fact that mine is slightly wobbly and maybe just a little bit lopsided, but no-one will know unless they touch it, which they had better not! I also made my star out of air drying clay which I am really happy with.

Not the cheapest thing to make in the end, once I brought the diamond dust and spray glue, but I have some left over for other projects so its not too bad and this will be the christmas table centrepiece.

The instructions are found here on the Martha Stewart website.

The second make isn't really a christmas decoration at all but is cheap and easy to make - flowers made from loo rolls!

The instructions for these and lots of other brilliant ideas are here on the Michele Made Me blog, a great place to visit.

So today I put up my tree and along with my previously made hanging snowflakes I have my trusty dragon lights, which replace baubles and have done for quite a few years now.

So with one week to go it's finally starting to feel a bit festive around here.

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  1. It looks lovely and very festive. Oh, what the lowly loo paper roll has transformed into this year....who knew!?! Yours are the best I have seen so far.....I keep forgetting to keep them....enjoy all the festivity and have a wonderful weekend.