Sunday, 4 July 2010

Allotment love

We've had a proper harvest this weekend

Black currants for jam

Peas, courgettes, broad beans, new potatoes and yet more strawberries (the latter made into a compote for breakfast with yoghurt and home made granola)

Podding the peas - a quiet, pleasant job and of course you get to eat some as you go, one for me, one for the pot, one for me, or until I get told off anyway.

I made a lovely quiche with the peas and broad beans, with some left over for lunches.

The other beans, Bolotti, Runners, French and Cobra as also now coming into flower - at last...

These ones are the Cobra flowers

and of course the runner beans

And the squashes are fruiting too 

We picked some wild cherries. Unfortunately we couldn't reach high enough to collect them for more than 2 jars and a tiny pot of cherry and orange compote/jam, even with an extending fishing pole. The neighbours around here must have wondered what we were up to hanging about in the road, but hey better we get to eat them than the squirrels and pigeons, especially when whats left over from them ends up all over my car and not just the pips!

And finally some gooseberries from the garden to make into a gooseberry fool for desert, hmmm lovely and so slimming too, just gooseberries softened in a little bit of butter, sugar to taste and double cream, what could be wrong with that!


  1. My goodness you've been busy. Your garden is wonderful and you make so many things with the that a spud in the first photo? What a masterpiece!! would love to taste your blackcurrent jam, on some fresh bread ...mmmm
    what a great visit this was!

  2. Yes indeed gooseberry fool is veritable diet food. Your allotment is bursting with produce and aren't currants just the most photogenic of fruit?

    Sue :o)

  3. What a great harvest!! My Courgettes don't seem to be doing too well at the moment. The fruit grows to a certain extent (about 3 inches) and then the flower falls off. Do you know why?

    Gemma X