Saturday, 10 July 2010

I've left work - again!

This time I got a lovely bunch of flowers just to say 'thank you' for alleviating the stress of what could have been a terrible week for someone. 

My boss as she left asked me why I had flowers 'it's not as if you won't be back, a very premature gift' she said. I tried to explain that it was a thank you, but she had already moved on to what they could do for me in the future, as apparently it was them doing me the favour! Did I want to stay until the end of the year? No thank you, was my reply.  

But never say never, it could be that I go back for a few days at each month end, when its really busy and very stressful, would I mind that, no probably not, three weeks off, one week on, there's not many places you could get a job like that and besides if it paid my monthly council tax, gas and electricity bills why not. Of course my hourly rate would have to increase, as it really is actually me that is doing them the favour!!

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