Monday, 26 July 2010

We've been foraging!

Just around the corner and look whats growing!

Cherry plums - Tiny little plums growing in abundance.  These ones aren't quite ready yet.

But these ones were, a quick shake of the branches and there was a lot more to be had and they taste delicious.  We gave up at 6lbs (2.8Kg) for now anyway.

So I made this... A wild cherry plum jam

And today I also made a spiced cherry plum chutney.

I've made other preserves too this weekend. A red cabbage and beetroot pickle, all home grown of course and so pretty.

And some more black currant jam, i'm actually quite glad we are at the end of the black currants for this year now, they have seemed never ending, we've had about about 11lb (5Kg).

We also somehow found time to go out for the afternoon on Sunday and went to the The Living Rain Forest

I'm sure this is a place we should have known about for a very long time, but it was only when I was looking for the nearest butterfly house that we found out about it. Unfortunately, there were only a couple of butterflies around and as it was so hot, even for a rain forest, everything was hiding, but a lovely little place for a visit none the less.


  1. Give the lady a camera and she turns into a Master (Mistress?) Photographer... all I can say is WOW...I've seen them all on Flickr and they are incredible! :)