Sunday, 18 July 2010

Furniture addiction

I'm getting back into my love of furniture. It's not as if I need anymore of anything, its just I can't resist. Everything in my house keeps getting moved in and out to the garage, which at one point you couldn't get in at all. To give you an example, when Rhiannon moved into her house we could more or less furnish it with excesses that I have accumulated, both from the garage and indoors. From leather sofas to a range cooker, from an antique pine kitchen table, to curtains and a rather nice double bed.

It's not as if I needed the bed though, as I do have dotted around in one place or another, one antique king sized spanish cast iron and brass bed (it's mine and I love it, you have to climb up to get in), a single cast iron and brass, a small double cast iron and brass, a completely solid brass single bed and a white cast iron single and I've only got three bedrooms! 

And don't get me started on chairs, I have lost count of how many I have in the garage, all of which need some tender loving care, which is why they are still there. So why might you ask did I get all excited when we previewed the local auction last week and I fell in love with another one. Well this one was special, unusual, solid, beautiful and best of all I won the bid and for a lot less than the guide price. It came as a lot of three and the other two chairs are very old and probably beyond repair, but hey whats two more chairs sitting and doing nothing.

Anyway here it is.

It was once painted and this has since worn off, leaving a wonderful patina that couldn't be replicated.

It looked so pretty in the corner but a little underdressed

So I made a cushion especially for it.

And the back

Now I would like to say that that was all I brought home, but that would be a lie. I'm currently working on another piece which will hopefully be finished this week, oh and its not a chair!


  1. That is one fabulous old is it? I used to have chairs all over the place too....but they have all disappeared now...maybe I should start again!!! Your pillow looks great!

  2. I've tried to find out a bit more about the chair today and think it is probably an Arts and Crafts chair, which would make it around 1900. I don't think it could be later than that, looking at how it's been put together but will continue my research....

  3. I absolutely LOVE this chair !!
    and I think you found the perfect yellow for the pillow ! I keep seeing so many pretty pillows like yours and saying to myself I should make some for our house. But I can't never seem to find the time !!