Friday, 19 February 2010

Button Bouquets

The button bouquets are finally finished.

I discovered that you can achieve quite a lot over the week with a bout of flu, maybe even swine flu as it happens.  You get a few hours when you you don't feel quite as bad as you did a little while ago, time in between the coughing, snot, earache, aches, pains and headaches etc, time when you think that you might actually getting better.  In these better times I've found that twisting a few stems of buttons together has been quite therapeutic, mind you to be honest I have worked pretty hard at it.

Anyway they are all finished and the interesting part of the process has been to see how much the button flowers have changed since we first started them some time ago.

These are pictures of the first flowers and I have to say both Rhiannon and I were very pleased and happy with them.

We continued to make flowers like this right up until we put the brides bouquet together.  After arranging and rearranging about three times we both decided that her bouquet shouldn't have any colour at all, but no worries the rest of the made flowers could be used in the bridesmaids bouquets, or could they?  Anyway as per the photograph in my previous blog and below the brides bouquet did not hold the wedding colours decided on, at that point in time I might add, dusky pink and green.  Actually looking at the picture below it doesn't appear that we had used many if any of the flowers lovingly arranged in the milk bottles above.

Onto the the button holes as per my previous blog; at least with these I did get to use most of the ready made flowers, the small ones anyway, because by now the wedding colours had changed slightly and these flowers were no good for the bridesmaids, too 'old ladies' and wishy washy. Although still brown, pink and green, the pink was to be much stronger and the green brighter. So this week after completing the button holes and corsages I spent one night carefully undoing lots and lots of the previously made flowers, to conserve as much of the wire as possible. 

A lot of the new colour scheme buttons had been made by this point and we decided that after making a lot more we were finally ready to start putting together the bridesmaids bouquets. Now you have to bare in mind that arranging one bouquet can take some time and we had three to complete to all look the same, or as similar as we could get them.  So we put the one bouquet together, unfortunately forgetting to take a photograph, and were not happy with the results.  The size and shape was right, so what was wrong? It turned out to the combination of the colours all together, the same thing as with the brides, it was too much, too messy, too many colours on one stem. 

So what to do but take it apart again and spend even more time on undoing the flowers, any in fact that had green and pink on the same stem.  This meant that we now had lots of pink/white, brown/white and green/white.

We decided that we would split the pink/white into two, the brown/white into three and the green/white to go on its own.  Last night I got to this stage..

But look what we did in the end... 
Oh and look another milk bottle, they do come in handy.

I am so pleased with the results, so happy that all the unwinding and rewinding is over (at least for the bouquets), so happy that they are finally finished and a huge tick off the things to do list and I am so happy that Rhiannon seems to love them.  Was it all worth it, was it better than buying fresh flowers, are the sore fingers and rough hands worth the trouble, oh definitely.

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