Saturday, 13 February 2010

Buttons, buttons and more buttons

Well as confirmed in my last post, I set last weekend aside for making the buttonholes. First thing in the morning though we had the dress fitting and it was the first time the shoes and dress came together and they all looked beautiful - The bride, the shoes and the dress.

So back home and here's my view for most of the weekend. Now I was expecting some help with these and also getting around to working on the bridesmaids bouquets, but as someone was obviously over tired I ended up on my own with them and quite enjoyed myself actually. Although to be truthful she was actually there on Saturday, letting me know that she didn't like the bridesmaids bouquets anymore, whilst pulling out quiet a lot of them to be undone (see the little ones in the jar below?), she was hungry, she didn't know what to buy for dinner that night, she had a cold and of course we had no buttons so she could make anymore!!! Mark very kindly took her out for lunch.

Saturday afternoon was ladies day. At least as one corsage was finished some time ago I knew what I had in mind, rather than having to think from scratch, but it can still be slightly daunting.

My mum is wearing a turquoise and white dress so I started there...

The rest of them are in the wedding colours....

Altogether now...

Sunday morning and off again. Rather than working individually on each buttonhole as I did on Saturday I worked out a little factory line system for one. Making the button stems for all eight in one go. Its easier for the men as the buttonholes were to look very similar and as most of them are for ushers and grandparents they could be smaller than the bridegroom and dads etc.....

Every single one made over the weekend have also now had the ribbons attached and are fully completed, ready to be boxed individually for the day.

Sunday evening and we both worked on some table decoration flowers, they are looking great and I think we shall probably have enough soon too.

All in all an excellent weekends work.

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  1. I just love your button bouquets! I am a button-a-holic and can't resist buying them at brocantes! Last weekend I bought 4 big bags for a euro each!