Monday, 22 February 2010

What did I do.....

Guess what I did today, you'll never guess, go on have a guess, can you get it, how many goes would you need to get it right? Well if you knew me very well you would only need one.

Yes today I........


See how I've shouted it out, see how big and bold i've made the letters, thats how I feel big and bold and brave and free and very very scared now actually.

You would think at my age I would be more sensible and stick with a quite well paid job, especially when jobs in general are pretty hard to come by at the moment and now what, no money, bills to pay, one still at school. But at the end of the day is it worth getting up every morning to be miserable, to work where everyone in the office is stressed to breaking point, to hit targets that only make a difference to salesman's bonuses, to get shouted or moaned at from all angles because there are not enough hours in the day or people to get around to everything thats asked of them? Well I think I've answered my own question and the answer is no its definitely not worth it.

So what will I do now.....

After the wedding I will take a couple of weeks to chill out, get going on my Folksy shop, knit, sew and crochet my heart out to try and earn a few pennies so that we can eat at least. Then we can start our own new adventure which will take off and be a winner, earning money and be a job to enjoy and be proud of. Work on the allotment and aim to be as self sufficient as possible and as soon as possible I am hoping that all this will accumulate in a new home with land and freedom, a new life, oh and don't forget the pigs.

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  1. It actually brought tears to my eyes reading this!!!!!!

    I cannot say loudly enough how PROUD I am of you for taking this step and ending the suffering that is "That Place".........Its not easy, its taken a few years to build up the courage and I am so pleased for you......... you Go Girl!!!!!

    Oh and I have seen the pictures, I cant wait to buy the goodies from your shop - they are amazing and so original!!

    Have faith! I know you will succeed. You demonstrate the talent and ability in everything you do from design, to photography, to cake decorating, painting, knitting, agriculture, horticulture, managing people and being an amazing mum and friend. I know you will do well and its the right time to enjoy life doing things that make you happy every day.

    Thinking of you at this momentous time in your life!!!!!!

    Big Hugs, Sxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx