Sunday, 28 February 2010

Mum and Dads anniversary

Its my mum and dads anniversary tomorrow and I decided to make something for them and try my hand at a very small project with air drying clay. I have never used this type of clay before and really enjoyed myself, quite therapeutic. Then onto the sewing machine to make the napkins.

Its not that I will no longer have the money to spend on presents, its that I think making something is far more personal and more appreciated anyway, hopefully. The time and effort going into the making is more satisfying for the giver and the receiver, well that's what I like to tell myself, or is it that i'm just being a cheapskate? No I don't think so, there's more thought that goes into the present and that's what counts, even if its 'not the most brilliant thing in the world' and looking at the napkin holders they do equal the 'not the most brilliant thing in the world' statement. However its my mum and dad and so they have to like something that their little girl made them don't they? And anyway we do also have two bottles of wine and that always goes down well.

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