Monday, 1 February 2010

An update of sorts

The last couple weeks have been a bit strange, its been work, home, cook, tidy up, work, home, cook, tidy up and has really felt like nothing has been achieved, but looking back quiet a lot has actually been done...

Everything is getting a bit stressy on the wedding front, although we have had a binge on the card making and Rhiannon finally got her shoes, ready for a dress fitting on Saturday. Oh and I started and finished my wrap to go over my dress.

I also got my shoes, lovely, but so high, they did look great with my dress but walking was defintely a problem, so I changed my mind and ordered another pair. I think I could easily develop a bit of a shoe fetish now i've discovered the make 'irregular choice'.

The weekend coming up has got to be set aside for making as many flowers as possible and hopefully putting together the button holes. The table flowers are looking great, the girls have been making their own buttons from Fimo and we'll varnish them this week sometime.  Everything is finally coming together at last, good job to as we are seriously running out of time now!!

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  1. Pineapple crochet is so delicate, isn't it. I love the colour too!