Sunday, 21 February 2010

Today I have mostly been baking

I felt the urge to bake this weekend and so brought the ingredients yesterday, but in the end didn't quite feel up to it. So today I got going, well started off back to the shops to get the bits and pieces I forgot yesterday, then I got going.

As not everybody likes fruit cake I thought that maybe we need to supply some alternatives at the wedding, so out came the Hummingbird bakery book and I started on the vanilla cupcakes.  It says the recipe makes 12 english muffin size cakes and to fill the cases 2/3rds full.  On my first attempt I only made 7 out of the mixture and soon realised that it does indeed make 12, after they rose too much and cooked all over the tops, down the sides and onto the muffin tray.  No matter Jourdan kindly ate those for me and informed me  'yep they tasted good'.

So I started again and spread the mixture evenly across all 12 cases.  Whilst they were cooling I made some brownies and then while they were in the oven a banana loaf.  I could start my own little bakery....

The brownies came out of the oven and in went the loaf, by now the cupcakes were cool and I made the butter icing. In the mean time Jourdan confirmed that 'yep the brownies tasted good too'.

Now the cupcakes are going to be in the wedding colours, pink, white, green and brown. Today I've tested out white and pink, obviously the brown will be chocolate.

I think i'll have to find other interesting things to stick on the top though, but quite pretty. The brownies were finished next. 

And finally the banana loaf out of the oven, hmm smells lovely.

Its such a shame that i'm on a diet and can't eat any of it, but i'm sure none will go to waste in the mean time.

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