Monday, 17 May 2010

Can you help?

We've entered a competition for a small business start up through Barclays Bank. Oh that's nice you may think, but actually I am after some support and help.

The closing date for entries was yesterday and by the beginning of June the judges will pick three ideas, from three regions, to go through to voting with a chance to win backing for a starting up a new business and obviously we are hoping that ours will be one of the three picked for the South.

Unfortunately the public only get to vote on a snapshot of the idea, the bank hold all the other information. So a bit more background...

Last summer we started a trial for a lunch business called Beans and Greens, which I piloted through work. Very well it went too, but doing the two jobs was too much for me and now I have left the office environment it is time to start the business full time. 

Beans and Greens is a lunch business with a difference, not soggy sandwiches, but fresh whole food salads, which include home made rolls, sprouted pulses and home made dressings. We also tried to make the menu more unusual and exciting than the standard salads offered in the shops. Japanese chickpea salad, Indonesian gado gado salad, home made falafel and cous cous terrine are just a few of the lunches provided.

Our aim is to be 'green' in more than one sense of the word, from our packaging to organic produce where possible, sourced from small local producers. 

So what do I want from everybody?

Here's the link for the site with the Beans and Green entry and I would be most grateful if anybody and everybody could take a look, vote and leave lovely comments to boost our chances of getting through. But bear in mind that if we are one of the lucky three picked, I'll be onto you again.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and hopefully help if you can. Oh and I promise I will only do this once more on my blog if we do get through.


  1. I am now drooling on the keyboard and very hungry.....could you ship one of those over please.....hope this comes through for you, if it's what you want.
    Good Luck....

  2. Can you send me one too? rice and noodles are beginning to get too much for me!!!