Thursday, 27 May 2010

The Roses are blooming

Its the end of May and the roses are finally coming into bloom, even in my garden! I just love roses and spotted the very first one flowering earlier in the week, hidden amongst the foliage. It must have been the really hot weather we had at the weekend that woke them up.

Today there were a lot lot more and these pink 'old fashioned' roses are my favourite. Not only do they look beautiful but they smell beautiful as well.

There's a lot more to come too

I always thought that the darker the rose the less fragrance they had, but not this red one, it has a really strong scent.

The patio roses are flowering too.

There are still more to come that haven't flowered yet and one of them is my climbing rose, but at least its in bud. Unfortunately I can't seem to control the greenfly on it this year and not wanting to use chemicals that harm bees, it bicarb and soap suds again I think.

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  1. These roses are lovely!! I love the way they swirl inside (if you know what I mean lol )

    Gemma X