Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Garden update - part 2

The garden is definitely coming on, now that the chickens have been moved into their new permanent residence, even though they are still moaning about it. There was even an attempt of a break out this morning, but I won and they remained enclosed - just!

The pea shoots are nearly ready for eating and have done so much better than the proper packet peas that are down at the allotment, unfortunately these are suffering from bean weevil attack. 

The strawberries are in flower

And I've now also got more spares from the allotment in hanging baskets

The beds are generally coming along. We've planted some cabbages, rhubarb (swapped a crown for half a dozen eggs with a fellow allotmentee), chard and have bean poles at the ready. The roses are in bud and if you look very carefully you can see some bits of green in the dirt that was once a lawn.

But the star of the show over the last week or so has been my lilac and I love it - its flowers and its smell.

Now I know that its not the garden of Eden and it never will be but it has really come on in the few weeks from this....

And in a few more weeks it will look better still.

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  1. It looks like its coming on a lot! It will be nice to see it finished and flourishing!

    Gemma X