Monday, 10 May 2010

A new member of the family

We've got an unexpected new member of the family, but she is oh so sweet.

So without further a-due let me introduce you to Bertie, our new baby miniature schnauzer. Quite scruffy it's true, even after a bath, but very adorable.

Meeting Arthur and it was love at first sight

£5.00, I wish

Where the sheepskin rug and Bertie separate isn't too obvious and poor Arthur has now lost all his sleeping spots, including his bed.

Time for a bath I think

Better, but I don't think she will ever make it onto the front cover of vogue.


  1. Saw her on Flickr so I thought I'd come over and see the story. What a little angel she looks...scruffy yes, but that's half the charm!!!

  2. Awww so sweet! I just hope your other doggy doesn't get left out of the spotlight : )

    Gemma X

  3. Love your new addition to the family and his name and him is too cute! one of my favourite breeds too! .. keep us updated with lots of photos of him growing